Quantum Turn Key Solution.

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Industrial grade systems and products for quantum networks.

We engineer, develop and produce reconfigurable quantum key distribution architectures. Our customers are private companies, government, and research institutions

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We are a team of quantum experts and entrepreneurs working in the field of quantum technologies.


From fundamental atomic and quantum optics to solid state lasers and optical telecommunications.

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What happened in Trieste on September 6th, 2020?

ESOF 2020

During the closing ceremony of ESOF2020 (EuroScience Open Forum), Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte took part in a public demonstration of encrypted fiber optic communication with Italian quantum technology, performed for the first time in Italy.

To know more about that event have a look at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) website.


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Let's speak about a "quantum" job.

QTI is recruiting a team of world-leading quantum physicists, telecommunication engineers, photonics experts, software engineers, systems architects, programmers and more.
Fill our contact form below or simply send us an email to info@qticompany.com

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Company Name: QTI S.R.L.

VAT/P.IVA/CF: 07044650484

Address: Largo Enrico Fermi n.6, Firenze, Italy.

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